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General Info

Company LogoDuckpond Plantation, owned by the Godfrey family, is approximately 2600 acres of timber, planted fields, lakes, and borrow pits on the Mississippi River just south of the Town of Saint Joseph, Louisiana, Tensas Parish.  Duckpond offers all types of hunting available in Louisiana plus fresh water fishing.

Duckpond is a hunting club and more offering fun year around for family and friends welcoming wives and children of all ages.  Many of the current members bring their sons and daughters on a regular basis to enjoy seeing wildlife, trail riding, and eating smores by the camp fire.

To add to the year around fun during summer members enjoy boating and water skiing on beautiful Lake Bruin just five minutes away.


Membership dues for 2017-18 is approximately $7000.00.

Duckpond is limited to 10 memberships per year.



  DUCKPOND – Application Form



Deer Hunting

Duckpond is located in Tensas Parish which is known for having the best deer hunting in the State of Louisiana.  Duckpond enrolls in the Louisiana Deer Management  Assistance Program and receives 50+ doe tags per season.  Members are allowed 3 bucks with 6 deer total per season.  Size requirements vary from year to year but generally bucks must be 8 points or better with minimum 18” spread or 18” main beams.

Duckpond plants food plots year around such as wheat, oats, and soybeans for better health of the deer and to promote greater antler size.

DSC_0046John Dry 2016-01-16 005.1 (1280x853)IMG_2923IMG950235Danny Massey(2012-12-07)112631305_10153834104049174_4427582053929463308_nAustin Crawford 1

Duck Hunting

Duckpond has a variety of duck habitat that you will find almost nowhere else.  Hunt the famous Mississippi flyway, flooded timber of pecan trees that attracts wood ducks like you have never seen before, or even a green tree well off the river.  Pit blinds in 200+ acres of rice fields are also available on Gum Ridge Plantation just south of Duckpond for an additional fee.

ChrisCoenanDucks2014-01-08 Dad & Gregg Riley Ducks (2014-01-18) 006Duck Hunting w Dad 2015-01-20 014


Turkey hunting is available on Duckpond and the population has been growing greatly in the last several years.  Harvest of one turkey is allowed per membership per season.

Turkey 065


Duckpond generally is allocated 3 alligator tags by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries which are offered to the members by auction.

Nuisance Animals – Hogs, Coyote, and Raccoon

Thankfully Duckpond’s hog population is small but unfortunately there are more coyotes and raccoons than we would like.  Members are encouraged to take all nuisance animals whenever possible.


Duckpond has 90+ acres of private lake and borrow pits with excellent fishing that are naturally restocked yearly by the Mississippi River.

DSC_0002Spicer w fishDanny Massey with World Class Catfish 003 CagleFish2011-1PICT0651



Austin CrawfordAustin Crawford 3 Austin Crawford 1Austin Crawford 2  12631305_10153834104049174_4427582053929463308_n Merrick & George Birthday Weekend 2015 023 IMG_20150116_183233 jpg IMG_2923CrawfordDanny Massey 1st Buck Duckpond_-_2003_-_Bryan_-_Buck555 33 JerryWood IMG950235 Duckpond_-_2003_-_Bryan_-_Buck5 JerryWood2014-01-11 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA George Price II2003-ScottBradford-Bryan4imageBrice Shooting Skeet 017Reily%20w%20duck-8-1200Reily1Reily1Duck Hunting w Dad & Pierre 089Annie w 1st Goose



Season Kickoff Newsletter

All of the members and owners look forward to a great 2016/17 hunting season. Please see our latest newsletter. All members and guests are reminded they must comply with all DMAP record keeping procedures for deer killed.

See Current Newsletter

Helpful Links

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Local restaurants and other local businesses:

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(2)  Netterville’s Landing:  Website

(3)  Mac’s Fresh Market: Website




Duckpond Plantation



DUCKPOND – Application Form

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